A Hot Week for Chattanooga and How to Prepare

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – So it’s summer and the temps are climbing fast.

Highs are forecasted in the 90’s all week.

With kids out of school and the a/c bills high, the Salvation Army has begun their annual Beat the Heat campaign which distributes fans to those in need and helps those who qualify pay those soaring electric bills.

If you need a fan or water, head to their center at the corner of 28th Street and Fourth avenue.

Also there is help for the Chattanooga homeless.

"We also have hydration stations that are out," said Kimberly George, spokesperson for the Chattanooga Salvation Army. "We have that for the homeless community on McCallie Avenue and the day center for the Salvation Army is open so the homeless can get inside out of these temperatures."

George says in addition to fans and water, dozens of people come in every day needing help paying their utility bills with costs rising due to A/c usage.

"And so they’re having to ask really hard questions of whether they put food on their table or keep their lights and electricity on," said George. "Of course with this heat they really need their air conditioning units on and so we ask the community to step forward and donate generously so that we can offset those high utility bills."

Fully hydrating before even the simplest of outdoor tasks is vital.

Interim Chattanooga Fire Chief Chris Adams explains how dangerous and misleading these high temps can be.

"if you’re going to go out and do your job when it was 78 – 80 degrees and you go out when it’s 95 and you haven’t hydrated, you take your water bottle with you and think I can drink it if I get thirsty." said Adams "It’s too late. You may not even make it back to your vehicle or something. It’s very critical for the public to hydrate as well before they do any physical activity."

The Salvation Army runs a pool in the East lake community that is fully open to the public and is free as well.

They have a community center that is open until 8 p.m. weekdays.

To donate to, or if you need assistance from the Salvation Army, go to their website at CSArmy.org.

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