Active Wildfires in Hamilton County

Hamilton County, Tennessee (WDEF)– The Florida Forest Service continues to tackle three active wildfires in Hamilton County.
So far the blazes have consumed more than 2000 acres.
News 12 spoke with forest officials about what steps they’ve taken to put an end to these fires.

Fire crews have the blaze on Flipper Bend 90 percent contained.
While the fire on Mowbray mountain is 70% contained and has burned more than 700 acres.
However, the newest blaze on Poe Road is only 40% contained and has consumed 500 acres.

“The Poe Road fire is just our biggest problem and that’s just due to steep country. They’re definitely having hard times getting down in there. They can’t get dozers to them”, said Jason Longfellow with the Florida Forest Service.

The steep terrain is something the crews from Florida say they aren’t use to.

“The fire activity is growing. We don’t have a lot of wind right now to push it, but we have very steep grounds and with the steep ground it makes it very difficult terrain for people to walk in and dig line in.”

The need for more crews who can manually go into the blaze ridden areas is dire.

“Hand crews aren’t used in the east as much as really as much as they are in the west. In the west you know, they’re getting snow. They’re cold this isn’t they’re fire season. So they’ve laid off all of their hand crew personnel so when we’re ordering hand crews we’re not getting the 20 people hand crews.”

The forest service said they’ve had a few more crews come out to help put an end to these blazes.

“The unfortunate thing for the southeast region is that there significant amount of wildfires in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama. So all the resources from like Florida you know they’re going to those fires. And now we’re getting resources from out west…Nevada, California, Oregon”, said Julie Allen with Florida Forest Service.

Crews are optimistic they’ll have these fires under control very soon.

“We should have containment as long as mother nature plays well with us. We should have containment in probably a couple of days”, said Longfellow.

The Soddy Daisy Police Department is asking people to not stop along Highway 27 North and South near Soddy Lake as crews work to put out these fires.

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