Actor Danny Trejo saves boy from overturned SUV in L.A.

Actor Danny Trejo rescues kid from car wreck

Danny Trejo was in the right place at the right time when he rescued a young child from an overturned car in Los Angeles. The “Machete” actor was in the area when two vehicles crashed on Wednesday afternoon, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The 75-year-old was in the neighborhood of Sylmar when an SUV and a car collided, causing one of them to flip over with the boy and his grandma inside. Trejo saw the woman and tried to help her, but she insisted on getting her grandson out first, according to Trejo.

The actor then crawled for the boy who was stuck in his seat buckle and just out of his grasp. Fortunately, a female bystander, Monica Jackson, was able to unbuckle him and Trejo was able to drag the child out, according to CBS Los Angeles. His next step was distracting the boy until his grandmother was safely pulled out of the vehicle too.

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“I started talking, ‘Wait a minute, we got to use our superpowers!'” he said. “So then he goes, ‘Superpowers!'”

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported three people were hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries. It was not immediately known what caused the crash, but surveillance video appears to show one vehicle running a red light. Los Angeles police were conducting an investigation.

“The only thing that saved the kid was his car seat,” Trejo said. “Honest to God.”

In the meantime, Trejo was just happy to be where he was at the opportune time.

“I just feel great that the Lord put me right there in that spot to do what I did that’s all,” Trejo told CBS Los Angeles.

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