Affidavit: Uber driver calls her brutal sexual assault “agony”

A late night ride this past Saturday had one Uber driver facing the unthinkable: being sexually assaulted while driving a passenger out to Ooltewah.

Poilce charged 36-year-old Zachery Richard Johnson of Ooltewah with five felonies, including aggravated rape, kidnapping, sexual assault and battery after the ride called “agony” by the victim in the case.

It began at a restaurant along Gunbarrel Road, where an employee called for an Uber for Johnson, who was too intoxicated to drive. Upon picking him up, the driver was on her way to Johnson’s residence in Ooltewah when things turned for the worst.

The driver missed a turn at Shallowford Road and Jenkins and that’s when Johnson got aggressive. He came out of his seat, grabbed the driver by the throat and tried to kiss her. And it didn’t happen just once…it happened TWICE before they ended up at the cul-de-sac at the end of Pebble Creek Road off Morris Hill Road.

The victim always called her boyfriend before and after each ride for safety purposes. during one of the assaults, the boyfriend called her and was able to hear the incident before calling 911. Because he lives in Georgia, the call was routed to Bradley County, before being routed to Hamilton County.

The rest of the details are too graphic to mention, but the assault lasted about 90 minutes before sheriff’s deputies were able to arrive on the scene.

Johnson has a long list of prior charges against him, dating back to when he was 18. None of them were physical in nature, but had two DUI charges against him: one from 2009; the other back in 2018.

Johnson is still in custody on a half a million dollar bond. No word yet on an arraignment date.

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