Alabama couple giving away goat farm for free

Huntsville, AL (WAAY) – It sounds too good to be true. An Elkmont couple is looking to give away their mortgage free farm, house, 85 goats, and all the tools you would need to start a goat cheese business, to the best person fit to take care of their goats.

"We are actually really excited about it, we’re looking forward to seeing the amount of people who would be interested," Leslie Spell said.

For the Spells, it took several tries, and plenty of fails to perfect their goat cheese. Once they did Humble Heart Farms has become a growing business for the couple. So why give it away?

The couple is looking to move to Costa Rica to help missionaries start goat farms. They first tried to sell their property, they say is worth $350,000. When they found most interested couldn’t afford the price, they though of doing something else.

"Debt is one of the worst things you can have as a farmer," Paul Spell said.

They read about another woman, Janice Sage, who gave away her Bed and Breakfast in Maine in a similar way. After checking with their lawyer to make sure it was legal, now they are only asking for an essay explaining why you want the farm and a $150 dollar entry fee.

Right now, they are hoping to get at least 2,500 entries. Those fees would cover the rest of the mortgage on the house, and $20,000 to give to the winner for start up cost on their business.

"Not to say they won’t have struggles or stuff to figure out, but they are going to start with a product that has a following," Leslie said. "They can pick it up and start running and I am so excited to see where they take it."

If you don’t know how to make goat cheese, the couple says that’s ok. They plan on training anyone who has the heart to pursue the farm.

"This is their business and this is their life, this is not a 9-5 job," Paul said.

The couple says they hope to change someone’s life with the offer. WAAY asked a legal expert to see if the contest was legal. They told us Alabama does have a gambling law against games of chance, but since the contest requires the skill of an essay it could be seen as ok.

Click on the related link for more on how you can enter the contest.

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