Alabama Voters react to recent senatorial candidate allegations

Tennessee Valley (WDEF) – Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore says he has no intention of dropping out of the race. That—after four women told the Washington Post that Moore made advances toward them while they were underage.

Alabama voters we spoke with are mixed in their reaction to the latest allegations.

“My overall impression –he’s a fine man. that’s exactly how I feel about him…. don’t believe a word of it.” said Alabama Voter James Fortner.

James Fortner, unlike many voters in Alabama who are perplexed at the assertions again former supreme court justice Roy Moore.

The controversy began Thursday when the Washington post published allegations from four women that Moore made advances on them when they were in their teens and he was in his 30’s.

Other republican leaders have urged Moore to drop out if the complaints are true, but Moore has sent tweets that he will never give up the fight.

He called the allegations “completely false.” He’s asking his conservative base to fight back against the “forces of evil.”

Even if he does step aside, his name will remain.

Alabama Secretary of State James Merrill said, “IT IS possible for another candidate to enter the race as a write-in candidate, but no other name will appear on the ballot besides Judge Roy Moore and Doug Jones. ”

Carl Campbell of Stevenson, Alabama is not a Moore supporter.

Campbell said, “In this country you’re…’re innocent until you’re proven guilty. So I don’t think anybody should jump to conclusions that he’s automatically guilty, and I don’t think we need to proclaim him innocent til he has his day in court….if he’s found guilty he needs to step aside ..because we don’t have room for that in this country.”

Others have questions about the timing of the Washington Post story and the women interviewed.

Alabama resident Maria Chrisman said, “I don’t mean to diminish the situation and I know that what they do is wrong…but they’re coming out of the woodwork and don’t wait 40 years until you say something about it. You should says something when it happens and there should be a statute of limitations on it.”

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