Alvey arraignment

DAYTON, Tenn. (WDEF) – A man accused in a deadly hit and run at a Rhea County thrift store is being held without bond.

Douglas Alvey got arraigned in court on a charge of criminal homicide.

That comes just weeks after investigators say Alvey went to the We Care Thrift Store in Dayton.

Detectives say Employee Walter Hale confronted Alvey when the Hamilton County man was dropping off damaged goods.

Then, police say, Alvey ran over Hale and left.

Dayton Police Chief Chris Sneed says it was no accident.

“It doesn’t appear that it was. But we’re still investigating. We still have many more things that we have to tie up some loose ends.”

Walter Hale died from head injuries.

The surveillance video from the thrift store ultimately led authorities to a suspect.

A white truck was seen leaving the area.

Local car dealers helped police narrow down the make of the car.

Then, Chief Sneed says they expanded the search for that vehicle over 7 counties.

“It ended up to be about 350 vehicles. And so, uh, hundreds of man hours later, somewhere around about the 200th vehicle that we actually checked, turned out to be Mr. Alvey’s vehicle.”

Thanks to help from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, the Rhea County Sheriff’s Office and Dayton Police, Alvey was arrested in a camper on Highway 58 in Hamilton county.

Chief Sneed says the suspect hasn’t made much of a statement as to what happened.

Thrift Shop co-worker David Helzel is happy police made an arrest.

“The fact that they just wouldn’t give up until they found the guy, was you know, very re-assuring for, not only for me, but for everyone here.”

Long time customer Bernice Hodge says Walter Hale was always willing to help people at the store, and always had a smile on his face.

“We’ll be missing him, and I hope that ever, who did this to him, has a conscience, and doesn’t sleep well for the rest of his life.”

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