Americans Struggle With Sleep Amid Pandemic, Election

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – For many Americans, a good night’s sleep seems to be a tough thing to come by these days.

So it’s no surprise that many are anxiously waiting for the end of Daylights Savings Time this Sunday night, when the clock is set to turn back one hour.

Dr. Anuj Chandra, Medical Director at the Advanced Center for Sleep Disorders, warns that everything from the pandemic to the election has been a detriment on Americans’ quality of sleep and mental health.

He says that not having a solid sleep routine is a surefire way to make you more vulnerable to getting sick – be it from coronavirus or the flu.

“So when we are losing sleep over stress, you know, over all that’s going on, then we are making ourselves more vulnerable to getting the flu, getting Covid, and the other important piece of the puzzle is the people who have sleep apnea. They have poorer outcomes if if they get COVID-19.”

Dr. Chandra warns to hold off on setting the clock back before going to bed Saturday night – as the extra hour of sleep might actually make you feel worse.

“Just common sensicly one would feel that ‘okay I’m going to get one extra hour of sleep, I’m going to sleep in, and you know it’s going to be great’ but unfortunately the human body doesn’t work that way. So the recommendations are that you go to bed at your regular time, when you wake up in the morning that’s when you set your clock back.”

For more info on Dr. Chandra and the Advanced Center for Sleep Medicine, visit his website at

Reporting in Chattanooga, Kenan Scott News 12 Now.


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