Angie’s List Report: Reaplcing Your Tub with a Shower

(WDEF) Bathroom remodeling contractor Dan Updike says many of his customers are choosing to ditch bulky tubs in favor of more luxurious showers.
        He said, "The bathing generation is kind of gone by the wayside. We are a pretty much shower generation anymore. So rather than have the bathtub that you lift your leg over that’s a confined space if you put in a large shower it’s more of the spa-type shower."
        Angie Hicks of Angie’s List added, "The trend these days is to convert bathtubs into showers. There are so many choices when it comes to showers and they potentially take up less space than the large garden tubs that have been historically in homes. If you are a homeowner that wants to age in place, grow old in your home, a shower can be a safer alternative for you."
        Updike says converting a standard five-foot tub into a shower typically starts around $4,500, but prices can quickly increase depending on the materials and options you choose.  He said, "If you want to go tub to a shower it’s very simple to do, you just need to move plumbing a little bit for the new setup. Other than that they make shower bases the same size as bathtubs. We normally use solid surface bases instead of plastic or fiberglass. They are very heavy duty and come in a variety of colors to coordinate whether it’s tile on the walls or solid surface wall panels."
        While nearly every bathtub can be converted into a shower, it’s not always the best idea. 
        Hicks said, "Replacing a tub for a shower is not for everyone. If you only have one bathroom in your house you want to be sure you keep a tub because what will end up happening is you’ll hurt your resale value. Families with kids, they like tubs and without one it can hurt you."
        Angie’s List says this is a job best left for the professionals, so make sure you hire a reputable contractor. If the company has a showroom, go check it out.
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