Angie’s List Report: Shopping for a Body Shop

(WDEF) Carrie Neal didn’t think a trip to the ballpark would end in a visit to the body shop.
        She said, "I’m not the best driver in the world, so at first I was like oh no, have I done something? You know, like did I make a really big booboo and didn’t notice it and then it was like no. There’s no way I could make a dent this big and not be aware of it."
        Angie’s List says there’s nothing wrong with using a shop your insurance company recommends, but you’re not required to by law.
        Neal decided to go with a shop she knows and trusts and has worked with in the past.
        She added, "They knew that we had two pretty young children and it was summer and you know, not that there’s ever a good time, but not the easiest time to be kind of trying to juggle getting the repair made.">
        Body shop owner Bruce Kelley says you should always check a shop’s certifications and don’t be afraid to ask questions.          How secure is the shop? Do they have liability insurance? And most importantly, how long is the repair going to take?
        Kelley said, "A lot of people have an expectation of repair. Things go wrong. Parts have to be ordered. Sometimes it’s the wrong part. So we try to communicate with the folks over the period of the repair, but it’s important to ask at the beginning for an expectation. Things change, but at least you have an idea."
        And finally, Angie’s List says you should always ask the shop if they warranty their work.
        Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said, "An auto body shop, whether it’s one you are paying for out of pocket or one your insurance is paying for, should offer a lifetime warranty on repairs and if they don’t you should find another one."
        Angie’s List says you should also ask if the shop installs salvaged, used or aftermarket parts to save money.

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