Annual Race For the Cure in Chattanooga

It’s time for an annual event that helps raise money for an important event here in Chattanooga.

It’s the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and it’s on October 22nd.

“So Susan G Komen is our local nonprofit. Our office is here in Chattanooga. Some of the cool things that people don’t know about us. We raise money for the breast health and breast cancer needs in our community, and when I say community, we have 16 counties in southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia. 75% of all the money raised and donated goes back out into our community to help other local nonprofits do mammograms and screenings and things like that. The other 25% goes to national science and research to find the cure which is why we’re here.”

There’s tons of different ways that we need help. You can donate, you can volunteer, you can participate in local events.

For more information, visit

*Photo from Susan G. Komen

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