Another 21 new Covid-19 cases has Health Department concerned

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – For the second day in a row, the Hamilton County Health Department has reported a disturbing rise in COVID-19 positive tests.

On Thursday, they got 21 new cases in addition to the 21 from yesterday.

That is a total of 42 cases… that is basically 1/6 of the total cases so far in just 2 days.

Administrator Becky Barnes says they expected a rise in cases because of the rise in testing.

But that doesn’t account for all of it.

Still… “the increase is concerning to us.”

However, they do not blame the business reopenings.

They all of the cases come from people who were already working in essential businesses, like construction, nurseries and food preparation.

Mayor Coppinger was even more blunt about it.

“None of these cases would have made a difference in the reopening.”

When asked, officials acknowledged a cluster from sub-contractors at local construction sites, including the EMJ project at UTC,

Mayor Coppinger praised EMJ construction’s cooperation with health tracers as a great example for other businesses.

He points out that none of the new cases have required hospitalization.

The Mayor says that is a key factor health officials look concerning the opening of business.

But he says there is a message in the new cases.

“We want to caution people that are out there that it’s still the same virus it has been all along.. it’s still extremely contagious.”

“The good news is that we are doing a lot more testing, and we’re going to continue… and the better news is that we’re doing a great job on the contact tracing.”

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