Another High Stakes Showdown in Florida-Georgia Rivalry

Bragging rights. 50-50 crowd split. Two teams ranked in the top ten.
This year’s Florida-Georgia rivalry has it all.

Reporter:”Gainesville, Florida is 70 miles closer to Bainbridge than Athens is, so confession time. Were you ever a Gators fan growing up or did you ever pull for the Gators when you were a kid?”
Said Georgia head coach Kirby Smart:”No.” (laughter)
Battle lines are drawn early for the Florida-Georgia game.
Said Smart:”It’s important to all Georgia fans. It’s important to all Florida fans. It’s one of the biggest rivalries in college football. The fact that you have a Hall of Fame for the game alone, and players can be remembered for their performances in that game alone is pretty big.”
The two schools agreed last week to keep this rivalry neutral by continuing to play it in Jacksonville.
Said Florida head coach Dan Mullen:”Well it has been there since 1933 except for twice. That’s a long time. I think it’s a really unique scene for college football. How there’s not many games like this in the country. I think that part of it is pretty special.”
Said Smart:”That’s probably the most unique thing is it’s split 50-50. It’s weird. You have a weird feeling in there sometimes. It’s so different. I call it a pro mentality because people aren’t. There’s no like student section chanting for you or against you when you come out to warm up. It’s not like that. The atmosphere in pre-game is very different.”
Saturday will be a top ten showdown for the top spot in the SEC East, and maybe more.
Reporter:”Do embrace that this could be a playoff game. A quarterfinal game. Whatever you want to look at. SEC East.”
Said Mullen:”I think at this point in the season it’s for first place in the SEC East. All you can really control is winning the East. If you do that, you get an opportunity to go to Atlanta and player one game there. I think that’s important. You’re going to be in November and be in first place in the East is a great position to be in because that’s what you can control.”

Florida and Georgia kick at 3:30pm, and you can see the game on News 12 Now.

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