Apartment residents tired of the bed bugs

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) Residents at the Rossville Apartments say they are being run out of their homes by bed bugs, and they want action to be taken immediately.

Geneva Roden has bought her mother a new bed and it’s now filled with bed bugs in just a few weeks.

Residents said the bed bugs are running not only on Roden’s mother’s bed but through the several of the units at the Rossville Apartments.

Resident Donald Smith said his bed bug problem began not too long after he moved in.

"About three months after I moved in here I got the bed bugs, and they spread all over my house, all over my bed, all over my furniture,” said Smith. “I had to throw everything away, and I just sat around and itched all the time."

Other residents’ mattresses and box springs sitting outside the dumpster in an attempt to get rid of these bugs, but Smith went a little further than just getting rid of his bed.

"I had a guy come in here and paid him to tear up the carpet,” said Smith.

He now has new floors, a new bed, and furniture, and said he still has bed bugs. He added he put himself in debt because of this and is on a fixed income.

Roden said she has bought her mother two mattresses and box springs and that’s money she can’t keep throwing away.

"I have to get money up to keep replacing these beds and stuff, and it gets very expensive,” said Roden.

Some residents understand they do have a new manager at the apartment, but they tired of waiting for action.

Roden said, "I just kind of hope that people can get this situation under control.”

News 12 was not able to get a comment from the apartment’s management, but we were able to contact Lookout Pest Control, who does work for that apartment complex.

They told us, there was a conversation with the apartment complex about treating the problem, but no schedule time for them to come out to actually treat it.

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