Aquarium expert explains why Asian Silver Carp are so damaging

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Asian Silver Carp has been found in the Chickamauga lake.

It is a very invasive species that could damage our ecosystem.

The fish reproduce rapidly and overwhelm the ecosystem.

They can also be dangerous to boaters, as they can jump out of the water and into boats.

Government agencies are trying to stop the fish from moving through the systems of dams and locks, by constructing bio-acoustic fish fences.

They direct sound and light into a curtain of bubbles to deter the sound-sensitive carp from swimming past.

Dr. Bernie Kuhajda at the Tennessee Aquarium says “The problem with this fish is its numbers get immense, and it literally crowds out native species. It also competes for food, it eats plankton, those little small animals that float around in the river, and all of our larval fishes, whether they’re bass, brim, catfishes or little minnows and darters, they all need that plankton to eat.”

The Aquarium is urging fishermen to catch and eat more Silver Carp to help control the population.

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