Arsenic In California Wine Concern

NORTH GEORGIA, WDEF, The Chemical element arsenic can be found in fish, rice and wine.
     But now two California lab findings show that more than 80 samples of major wines contain 5 times the recommend amount.

Jesse Taymore of Georgia Winery,"It’s important to look at the bottles, look at the labels, look at the ingredients see where it’s produced, a lot of wineries will say they bottle the wine themselves but they don’t really make the wine themselves."

Taymore added that arsenic levels are not a concern for Georgia Winery.
      He tells News 12 his team work closely with all their farmers and keep their products within EPA’s arsenic guidelines.

"We actually don’t sell California wines we make all our wines here at the winery, we focus on muscadines, native American concords, cayuga those type of grapes."

Of the 83 bottles that tested for high levels of arsenic, 28 came from California, bottled under 31 different names.

They include some Charles Shaw, Sutter Home and Arrow Creek bottles.

Tennessee Valley wine connoisseurs say they are concerned about arsenic in wine and feel this will now encourage them to buy local from now on."

Linda Millet,"At least try the local wines, a lot of them are very good, lot of them are not grown right here but are mixed from local grapes and a lot are very good."

Arsenic is often used as a poison causing cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

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