Arsonist Arrest Made After Admitting Setting Three Separate Fires

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- For more than a month now wildfires have continued to spread throughout Tennessee and north Georgia and now investigators have made an arrest  for arson.

Officials say Chattanooga resident, Andrew Scott Lewis admitted to setting three separate fires in the Smith Mountain and Blue Suwanee Mountain areas this week.

Lewis was charged with three counts of setting fire to personal property or land, and one count of vandalism of more than 250,000 dollars.

“You know, arson is a crime and that’s something that we’re going to take serious and we are not going to tolerate it. Uh, it it it’s more then just that one individual, it’s the individuals all on on these mountains here today and it’s the individuals in in Chattanooga and and North Georgia that that are breathing the smoke,” stated Jai Templeton, who is the Commissioner of Agriculture.

The case is still being investigated to make sure no one else was involved in setting the fires.

As of this morning, crews are battling 55 wildfires mostly in the East Tennessee area.

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