As You Drive To Work, Remember It Is Pothole Season

Chattanooga, TN – (WDEF)   Our roads have endured an entire winter’s worth of abuse.
Now comes the spring rains and that means pothole season on the highways.
The ice causes pavement to break, the rain flushes it out.
And if you hit one State Farm estimates the average damage can put a big dent in drivers’ pocketbooks – costing anywhere from $300 to $700.
They can’t do much about the condition of our roads.
But they do have tips on how to cope with hitting a pothole.
If you hit a pothole, carefully inspect your tires and wheels for possible damage.
Check how your car handles in the aftermath.
If it “pulls” in a particular direction or you feel a wobble in the steering, have a mechanic check it out.
If you can’t avoid a pothole, do your braking before impact.
There’s less damage to a tire when it’s rolling than when it is skidding over a pothole during braking.
Potholes can create bigger issues for motorcycles, which are less stable than cars and provide less protection than cars in a crash.

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