Assessor of property candidates participate in debate

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The assessor of property race in Hamilton County gets heated as one of the candidates accuses the other of improperly giving out a tax break.

This flooded course at Creeks Bend Golf Club is at the center of the race for assessor of property.

Incumbent Marty Haynes and his challenger Randy Fairbanks participated in a debate at the Pachderym Club’s meeting today.

“The assessment at Creeks Bend did go down that is a public record nothing to hide there.. If we wanted to hide it we would hide. We don’t want to because we are above board and we are transparent,” Haynes said.

“There is no lies in there it is facts that he went down on that. You’ve got to decide as the voting public, you’ve got to decide was it for a friend where he plays golf and where he has golfed for years or was it legitimate? That is your decision, but it being untrue something said that is untrue that is not. That went down 28 percent that assessment. I can’t find when it has ever gone down that low,” Fairbanks said.

Haynes says Creeks Bend is a less desirable piece of property than nearby golf courses.

“40 acres of Creeks Bend resides in a floodway. Valleybrook does not. The assessment is fair and right and Randy if there is anything wrong at Creeks Bend call the comptroller’s office and report it. Report your findings,” Haynes said.

Fairbanks says he is concerned about the turnover.

“When I got in to check with it to check the numbers over fifty percent, in the last three years over fifty percent of the appraisers there in that office had left,” Fairbanks said.

“Seven of them have been back at the office. If they were so upset when they retired, why have they been back in the office,” Haynes said.

While it got heated, both Fairbanks and Haynes say if they lose they would fully support the winner.

Early voting beings on Wednesday, February, 12. The Republican Party Primary is on March 3.

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