Austin Hatcher Foundation looking for two stolen SUVs

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) -A pediatric cancer foundation that helps sick kids gets robbed.

Two SUVs were stolen from the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

The president of the foundation says this happened early Monday morning.

She says the robbers jumped the fenced around 4 in the morning and then drove the cars out through the fence before workers arrived at 8 am.

She believes there’s still hope to get these cars back.

“You just feel really violated,”says Amy Jo Osborn, President of Austin Hatcher Foundation –

Someone stole A 2018 Ford Explorer and a 2019 Rugged Ridge Baja Jeep Wrangler from Austin Hatcher early Monday morning.

“Its one of those where you know they might have seen them and not fully understood and appreciated exactly what they were taking and who they were robbing from,”says Osborn.

The vehicles were stolen from inside a car hauler stored in a building under construction on Holtzclaw Avenue.

The trailer was found damaged along with the fence and car parts.

“Right here is where the two suvs were stolen from the Austin Hatcher Foundation Educational Building, you can see the tire tracks where the two suvs were taken from the trailer and driven out.”

The two cars were built by pediatric cancer patients and their families as a part of their therapy and recovery program.

“This is not just vehicles stolen from us its the opportunity for us to raise funds to provide more and more services back to families,”says Osborn.

Both cars were scheduled to be auctioned off in January of 2020.

Osborn believes the cars will be found, but the foundation is already making plans rebuild another car.

“We have had donors step up and were already in the process in the last 24 hours of purchasing a vehicle, getting the parts donated again by all of our partners,”says Osborn.

The president says the robbers also stole construction tools from another building next door.

If you know anything about the two missing cars or believe you have seen them please contact the Chattanooga police.

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