Award-Winning Chattanooga Company BellHops Planning For Busy Holiday Season and 2015

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-What started as an app to help students get summer college jobs while studying at Auburn has now turned into a nationwide million dollar company in downtown Chattanooga.

BellHops have already provided thousands of jobs to college students across the country and they plan to expand right her in the Scenic City and provide more jobs in 2015.

Cameron Doody, Bellhops Founder,"A little over 9000 bellhops in our footprint which are current college students so in the last year we’ve on boarded somewhere between 6000 or 7000."

The system which works through your android or i-phone similar to ride-sharing app Uber connects families needing help moving house with students who need jobs.

Adam Haney, Chief Tech Officer Bellhops,"They sign up  do all the training online, do background checks, as well as maintain quality of service by having customers review them, we make sure we are sending great students out to work, our customers book online  or on their mobile device."

Haney expects there will also be demand for seasonal jobs to be posted to their app database with Christmas just around the corner.

"We are starting to realize they can really help during the holiday season with loading in Christmas or removing Christmas trees after the festivities."

Bellhops is  now operating in 135 cities across the country and are already planning to connect more students with office and home moving jobs for summer 2015.

Cameron Doody, Bellhops Founder,"reaching out right now to student organizations like ROTC, the Greek community, clubs, sports teams, we are looking for those influencers on campus who will be able to bring in applications for each of our markets."

Bellhops pay up to 40 dollars an hour to bellhop movers across 50 states.

The company is also looking to expand their staff of 35 marketers and tech gurus  to cope with increasing demands.

The company has also just won the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Innovation Award.

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