Azelia Sims Puts Her Thumbprint on Many Futures at Hillcrest Elementary

Azelia Sims took on a new challenge this school year.  After teaching 4th grade over the past several years, she decided to venture into the origin of where children become students Kindergarten.  "I wanted to learn about the foundation of education because we know that if they have a strong base and foundation, the other teachers will just build on what we’ve taught them."

Her class starts each day with a greeting.  "We’ve learned how to properly shake hands, we’ve learned how to use kind words and to be sincere and conscious about how each other are feeling."  And then the music begins.

Sims incorporates music into nearly everything she teaches, from the Alphabet to the days of the week.

Sims says the more senses involved, the better children retain information.  That’s one reason she also works sign language into her lessons.  "When we do the weather, we do clouds and fog and we do our days of the week we learn Sunday, Monday, Tuesday."

She also exposes her class to new technology.  Using iPhones and an iPad, they read books in centers, learning pacing and word frequency.

Sims recently received her principals certification, and says she’s excited to place her thumbprint on so many futures.  "I’m going to always be a life long learning and I hope that I can pass that on to my children."

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