‘Back The Blue’ Rally in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- In support of local law enforcement, community members came together for a Back the Blue Rally in Chattanooga.

Dozens gathered on Amnicola highway Saturday, waving American flags and holding signs to honor their local law enforcement during their shift change.

“We’re our here to support the police” said Janice Williams. “They’re getting a bad rap because of a couple bad incidences but there are a lot more good ones than bad ones.”

In opposition to recent protest that demand the police department to be defunded, some say they’re are standing they’re ground in support of CPD.

“Anybody starts talking about defunding the police agencies need to realize these guys are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” said Perry Perkins.

While some say their reason for being here is to combat recent protests within the city, others say they simply want to support the local law enforcement here in Chattanooga and Hamilton county.

“We’re not out to necessarily combat were out to be a pro rally” said rally organizer Donny Case.

Victor White believes the city of Chattanooga shouldn’t suffer because of tragic events around the country.

“On social issues I actually marched for George Floyd. To me that was cold blooded murder. I watched the whole nine minutes but this is Chattanooga not Minneapolis.”

Case says today’s Back the Blue Rally is meant to be a voice for law enforcement, “I hope to accomplish bringing some insight on letting officers know that they are supported. That there is a silent majority out there that stands behind them.”

“It’s a good feeling just to have people walk up that don’t know you tell you they appreciate and the job you do” said Lt. Kevin Akins. “It’s reaffirming in the commitment that we have.”

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