Back to Church for Easter

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Some Hamilton County Pastors are ready to open their doors Easter Sunday for the first time in months.

“It’s fitting that Resurrection Sunday Morning symbolizes us coming out of a very dark period where there was a great deal of death” said Pastor Steve Caudle of Greater Second Baptist says many of his senior members have been vaccinated.

But he will still require social distancing and mask wearing as a precaution, especially considering young adults have only been vaccine eligible for less than a week in Southeast Tennessee.

“You’re always concerned about the younger people who may be carrying asymptomatic (symptoms) spread it among senior citizens” said Pastor Caudle.

2021 Easter Sunday at Greater Second Baptist will have a different look and feel in comparison to past years.

No choir.

“Soloist” said Pastor Caudle. “It will just be soloist.”

Plexi glass frames.

“Each soloist will stand behind when they sing their song.”

A one hour service.

“No more than an hour. I think God will do all that he needs to do in that hour period.”

And red tape.

Indicating limited seating with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

“We’re going to RSVP. We’ll ask people to text in the names and the number of people in their pod or party.”

From broader scope, Hamilton County Baptist association leaders says churches in the are will exercise a variety of options such as outside services or continuing to stay online.

“That’s pretty much due to what the demographic make up of that church is and how the pandemic is impacting that church” said E. Lamar Young.

Pastor Caudle hopes he can continue to open his doors following Easter Sunday.

“If we can get enough people vaccinated and we’d shoos with controlling the variances then hopefully prayerfully we should be able to open up every Sunday.”

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