Baylor Red Raiders Must Revamp Defensive Line

The good news for Baylor coach Phil Massey.
He returns his starting quarterback and his stud running back.
The bad news. The defensive studs are gone.
Said Massey:”Lost our entire defensive line, and then also our middle linebacker, who was our leading tackler on our team. Then offensively we lost three starters on our offensive line. There’s not substitute for game experience. It’s just getting out there and playing. That’s what we’re sort of anxious and anticipating now. Getting out there and letting some of these younger guys get some game experience.”
Playing in the elite division two level, you better have some strength in the trenches.
Said Massey:”At the end of the day the teams that I have seen in the past in my years of experience, you’ve got to be able to run the football, and you’ve got to be able to stop the run.”
Baylor should be able to run the ball with Elijah Howard.
The Vols commit rushed for over 14-hundred yards last year with 20 touchdowns.
Said Massey:”I think he’s in better shape and better condition this year. Last year he was coming back after having I think it was ankle surgery. I think some people are going to see how good he really is this year.”
To get settled into the school year during the pandemic, Baylor pushed the start of their regular season back to September 4th.
Said Massey:”This whole preseason has been just an adjustment to try to keep our kids engaged and keep them focused. We had to really try to be creative when we practiced the things that we do.”

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