BBB advice on donating wisely for Harvey victims

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Experts at the Better Business Bureau have advice on how people can avoid scams when they are donating to Harvey victims.

With the devastation of Harvey, there has been an out pouring of support from across the country. Many people are donating to help the victims. Jim Winsett, president of the Better Business Bureau in Chattanooga, says there are ways to make sure your money is going where it is suppose to.

“The BBB advice is to always donate money wisely. As you do contribute you want to make sure those funds are contributed to an organization in such a way that will be of immediate impact to the organization as such,” Winsett said.

Winsett says in times of need scams do pop up, so it is important to research organizations and know who you are donating to.

“We feel that you want to donate to an organization that has boots on the ground where they are able to support the activity that has taken place, by that the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army, those are the type of organizations that are one credited by the Better Business Bureau,” Winsett said.

Another recommendation is to donate cash.

“I mean right now they aren’t necessarily needing clothing type apparel those type things if you will, but they need cash again where it can have immediate influence on what their needs are today,” Winsett said.

Experts say if you find out you have been scammed, it can be difficult to get your money back.

“If it were a Go Fund Me account, for example, then you may not and probably would not have recourse to that type of activity. So that is an example of why it is important to give to an accredited organization,” Winsett said.

For a list of accredited charities, click here.

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