Bear Safety During Late Spring with TWRA

It’s that time of year to be more bear aware! A bear was spotted in East Ridge just a few days ago. Young black bears often wander during the late spring when they are leaving their mothers for the first time.

TWRA gets flooded with calls this time of year regarding these bears. The agency encourages people not to call when they see a bear that’s not disturbing anyone. Instead, remove all trash and food from your surroundings.

Mimi Barnes, Wildlife Information Specialist with TWRA says, “Euthanization or relocation is not the answer. The answer is really human based. That humans should change their behavior. We never follow a bear, we never purposely feed a bear, and that we understand what in our yards can attract bears.”

Last year, a black bear was euthanized after roaming the streets of downtown Chattanooga.


  • If you see a bear in your yard, look large and make a lot of noise, back slowly away.
  • Never approach or follow a bear to take photos.
  • Never purposefully feed bears.
  • Remove all attractants from your yard including bird feeders, uneaten pet food and ripe fruits or garden vegetables.
  • Store grills in a garage or outbuilding.
  • Store trash and recycling in bear proof containers.
  • Ask your neighbors to follow these guidelines.
  • Visit, a national site dedicated to reducing human-bear conflicts.
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