We All Belong Vigil Brings Chattanooga Community Together

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Hundreds of people from all walks of life showed up tonight at the “We All Belong Vigil” in hope to comfort those who may need it.

People across the county and here in Chattanooga continue to protest President Trump’s executive order to ban citizens of seven countries with predominately Muslim populations from entering the U.S. for at least 90 days, with Syria being banned indefinitely.

“We are here today to show unity and solidarity and support with refugee community… refugees and immigrants are an important part of our city.”

Immigrants of all faiths gathered to show support to their fellow neighbor.

“Students right now are in fear , the parents, the families is just families like my family. I’m not saying my family been impacted the people that I’m talking about those are my friends my neighbors,” said Gladys Pineda- Loher.

Asma Khan, a local resident and concerned Muslim says, “I think it is okay for you to protect your county from terrorism I want a country to be protected from terrorism, but I think the way he is doing it is by spreading fear and by spreading hate against a particular people, against Muslims.”

Sudanese immigrant Rande Idem says that its the first time that she has seen a law here that is against a certain group of people.

“She says she is very, very happy with all the people here and looks for it as the future that it will be good and all her family will come and thanks for the people supporting her, supporting her family and she’s very happy,” said Idem, through a translator that was present at the time of the interview.

“Light is you know the symbol of hope , this is the light in the end of the tunnel of persecution, suffering that we want our refugees to see wherever they are and I hope that the day will come very soon that they will continue coming top the United States to Tennessee to Chattanooga.”

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