Belvoir Christian Academy’s Rebecca Nelson keeps 3rd graders learning & focused

Maintaining discipline in the classroom can be a struggle…

But at Belvoir Christian Academy one 3rd grade teacher keeps her class in line and still helps them have fun.

Rebecca Nelson is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Rebecca Nelson calls to her class, "Please get out your pencil and your marker…"

Today’s math lesson has an Irish theme…

Ms. Nelson asks, "You see four leaf clovers and in each clover there are how many leaves?"

Her class answers, "Four."

But Ms. Nelson doesn’t need the luck of the Irish to help her kids learn, "The more they’re focused, the more they’ve driven."

The second year teacher says 3rd grade is the perfect place to watch kids grow and understand, but still have fun. And when they have a little TOO much fun, she pulls them right back in line.

Ms. Nelson calls, "Class, class…" and they answer, "Yes, yes…"

That’s just what one Belvior parent needed…

Robyn Ingram reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "In 2nd grade Tracy Jr seemed to be causing mischief, being disruptive and silly…."

Robyn says thanks to Ms. Nelson her son is a good student and he stays out of trouble, "She’s firm & she’s fair."

Eight year old Tracy says Ms. Nelson’s class is fun… Even if she does sometimes separate the boys, "When we’re not together we do much better because sometimes we’ll just talk…"

Ms. Nelson says it’s about helping her students learn, "It’s just amazing to watch them get it and see it click."

She wants her students to grow into great adults and says the best way to achieve that is to let them know she cares, "That helps them to know that ‘Hey she wants me to be the best that I can be.’"

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