Bess T. Shepherd’s Beth Botta helps build a love of learning

The best educations start with firm foundations.

One Hamilton County kindergarten teacher makes sure her kids start out on top.

Beth Botta is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner…

Kindergarten teacher Beth Botta calls out, "How many candy bars I have now?" And her kids count off, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!!"

In Ms. Botta’s class it’s the simple things that count, "Count them again."

This is Ms. Botta’s sixth year at Bess T. Shepherd Elementary…

She says when she first walked in her kindergarten class, she knew she’d found her home, "There’s no way I could sit in an office all day. I have to be active and with… And with my little friends."

And for at least one Hamilton County parent, that’s just where she needs to be.

Tamika Colvin reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "She truly has a passion for educating. She is genuine and she loves the children."

Colvin’s daughter Jamia was in Ms. Botta’s class last year.

Colvin says Ms. Botta laid a solid learning foundation for her daughter and the other kids in the class and taught them to love coming to school, "They are excited about learning. Just excited to be in her classroom and they’re like that everyday."

Ms. Botta says that’s just what she’s going for, "It’s really fun to watch them learn and see the lightbulbs come on."

She loves watching her kids learn and grow over the year…

Ms. Botta says to her class, "So lets try another. Are you ready?" And they excitedly answer, "Yes!!"

Ms. Botta wants them to be eager little learners for years to come, "I hope that I’m teaching them to love learning. Because it is fun. Once you get to start learning and doing stuff it is a lot of fun. If you make it fun."

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