My Best Me 2.0 Will Help 300 People in 2020

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — News 12 and Bridge 2 Health are teaming up to help hundreds of Chattanoogans begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle in 20-20.

Last year’s successful initiative: My Best Me, helped a dozen people transform their bodies and lives.

This year, the program will be available to hundreds looking to make a radical transformation next year.

Gyms can cost hundreds of dollars a year, and trainers, nutritionists or coaches are simply out of reach for most people’s budgets. But this program makes hundreds of dollars worth of training available to those who participate, for FREE!

According to a recent Wallethub survey, Chattanooga has health problems.

Beth McClary-Wolford, Salesperson at WDEF News 12 Now, said, “Unfortunately Chattanooga has the dubious honor of being the most overweight city in America. So it’s our goal to change that. And we’re going to do that through this new program, called My Best Me 2 dot OH.”

Just what is the My Best Me program all about?

“My Best Me is our health and wellness initiative that we started last year, where we followed 8 contestants through their journey through wellness. During that initiative we were given the challenge by Mr. Morris, the owner of Morris Multi-media and WDEF, to bring it to the community – help the community become healthier,” said McClary-Wolford.

Maurice Saliba, CEO for Bridge 2 Health and Wellness, said, “We want to help you prevent diabetes, lose weight and make a permanent lifestyle change.”

Although My Best Me started last year with only 8 participants, it was a huge success. This year, it’s dramatically expanding.

Maurice Saliba will work with 300 people next year for 22 weeks each, in the areas of coaching, motivation, education, exercise, nutrition, and stress management, to help you become the best version of you, you can possibly be, and not just for the course of the program, but for the rest of your life.

“I’ve been in the business over 30 years, and I’ve dealt with diabetics, I’ve dealt with what obesity does to a person, and I’ve always referred to obesity as the head of a snake, cut the head of the snake, and you can fix, you can kill the snake. Lower your body weight and you can fix a lot of the symptoms that we struggle with today, from depression to blood pressure, to diabetes. So my 30 plus years in the industry I’ve helped thousands of people lose tens of thousands of pounds, and come off medications,” said Saliba.

And Saliba has the proof of his success. “My data has been tracked by Health Care 21, Lee University, and others to prove that if you make a permanent lifestyle change, you can come off medications, and you can improve your lifestyle.”

Saliba says this isn’t your normal weight loss program. “This is about making a permanent lifestyle change. This program you’re going to love, because there’s no protein or fat free or any of this stuff you’ve heard – or pills or powders. We’re going to take you grocery shopping, we’re going to monitor your food, we’re going to be there to support you through the tough times, you’re going to love this, and I’ll encourage you. Show up on the 14th of December, we’d love to have you.”

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