Beth Reed Expects the Best in Her Class & Nothing Less Than the Best

Like many of her students, Beth Reed doesn’t like to stay still.  "I don’t have a desk in my room because it would just become a place for clutter.  I’d just throw stuff over there, you know I have my table that we do guided reading at and I’m constantly in the floor or in what I say, in their business."

Reed meets her class at their level.  That’s why students like Aaliyah Frederique feel comfortable opening up to her.  Aaliyah says "she’s very nice and she’s helpful and when I need somebody to talk to she’s always there for me."

Last school year, Aaliyah would sometimes rush through her work, and turn it in with mistakes.  But Reed wouldn’t accepted it.  She encouraged her to check it again.  "Everytime she would do that, I would laugh and say (wink)."  Reed says "I expect a lot from my kids, I expect the best.  You know, we have a saying in here, we expect the best, nothing less than the best and anything less than the best is unacceptable."

Reed knows first hand the benefits of not taking it easy on her class.  In 4th grade, her teacher pushed her to be a better student.  Reed says she wanted to please that teacher and that caused her to grow.  "That’s what makes it worth it, when they realize I’m not just being hard on them to be hard on them… when they realize I’m being hard on them because I want them to be successful."

Reed credits her 4th grade teacher with inspiring her to become a teacher… a sign that being tough, pays off.

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