The Better Business Bureau advises people to play Pokémon Go with Caution

Chattanooga (WDEF)

Pokémon Go is taking over.
People are going to extreme ways to “catch them all.” And some have gotten hurt and some have even broken the law.
Now, the Better Business Bureau has put out tips to make sure everyone stays safe while playing the game.

“When I heard about Pokémon Go I was like…okay, I guess I should try this”, said 10-year-old Truman.

Pokémon Go can be described as epidemic happening all over the world.

Truman is just started playing the game and already has developed a skill many lack.

“I look down at the phone and then I look up and then I look down.”

The Better Business Bureau says many people are putting themselves and others in danger by not paying attention while playing the game.

“People are out with their iPhone Smartphone in hand and they’re looking for the Pokémon as such. They could walk out into the street, they could trip, said President of Chattanooga Better Business Jim Winsett.

Truman and his dad went to Coolidge Park together to search for Pokémon.
Something Truman dad Coury said is very important.

“If you’re somewhere where they could walk into something or traffic then yeah, you out to be you know kind of keeping your eyes peeled.”

The Better Business Bureau said people are even going as far as to go onto private property while hunting for a character.

“Also be aware whether you’re on a public property or you’re on private property. We’ve had incidents reported where people are coming in to people’s front lawns and on their front porch area”, said Winsett.

Data usage, an expense officials say can often go unnoticed until they receive their bill.

As far Pokémon fever dying down into time soon, the Better Business Bureau said they don’t see that happening anytime soon.

“It being summertime and kids out of school…some of them are looking for things to do. I think there’s enough interest to carry that popularity forwards for a period of time.”

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