Black Fox Elementary School Teaching Students in Storage Rooms While Waiting on School Expansion

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A McDonald, Tennessee man, who says the Bradley county commission is not moving fast enough to end crowded schools…turned up to speak at today’s meeting.

A county official says funding is in place to settle the main issues.

It’s never been a secret that Black Fox and North Lee elementary schools are over-crowded. In fact…students are actually using store rooms and closets. But…Rodney West of McDonald, Tennessee says officials have known about the problems for three years and just recently took action.
West showed up to challenge the county commission at today’s noon meeting.

“On the 23rd I asked the direct question of when exactly – you knew about the schools in these conditions, and I was told it was when you got the budget,” said Rodney West.

West sent out news releases and emails to media to drum-up support…the commission chairman says his facts are confused. Johnny Mull says money is there for the expansion of the schools.

“I think he just got that mixed up because the context of that was, I did say from here, we did, when the school board presented it to us is when we knew, after Ms. Fisher and them gave us a tour of the school, they presented and we voted on it. But, my thing was three years ago when they put a portable in, that’s a pretense to me, to say – this means an addition in the near future,” said Johnny Mull, Bradley County Commission Chairman.

West complained that 1.3 million dollars of county money was re-directed to the PIE center, and nothing for the kids. As for the reason for the school over-crowding….the Black Fox elementary principal explains:

“In 2011 tornadoes came through our community, and destroyed Blue Springs Elementary. Blue Springs Elementary was then, those students were – became a part of Waterville Elementary and Black Fox Elementary, I love those boys and girls, I loved them from the day they walked through the door, but, it caused us when we had small groups to not have a place for all those small groups to meet,” said Kim Fisher, Principal, Black Fox Elementary.

Chairman Mull says construction on the school expansions…will get underway as early as spring of next year.


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