Black Friday crowds way down

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- 2020 has been a year like no other so it only stands to reason that Black Friday would be a Black Friday unlike any other. Morning Crowds were way down compared to previous years.

“Hasn’t been crowded and we didn’t even wait in line at another department store we could just check right out,” said shoppers We did joke about getting in line at target and waiting just bring the trend back but there’s no line,” said Black Friday Shoppers Tiffany Ballew and Michelle Boyd.

“I do sort of miss that because there is some camaraderie that comes with that everybody out having a good time but it has been nice to come in you know what you’re looking for and go,” said shopper Brandi Dixson.

The people who did come out, many sighted tradition, as the main reason they still came out and shopped.

“We have actually been doing it for maybe 17 years so, it’s tradition,” said

We come every year get our Christmas shopping done for the family and just have a good time being together,” said Dixson.

They said they considered not coming out due to COVID, but in the end decided to shop while following proper safety procedures.

“We just decide you know we’re going to be really cautious we’re gonna wear a mask, wash our hands, keep six feet as much as we can and keep everybody safe,” said Dixson.

Kevin Lowe with academy sports stressed safety and cleanliness particularly in high traffic areas.

Most experts agree the reason for the smaller crowds was due to deals being offered online and not just on Black Friday but throughout the week to keep crowd levels down in order to decrease a chance of COVID spread.

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