Blood Assurance will study Convalescent Plasma treatment

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Blood Assurance has partnered with Vanderbilt University Medical Center to study the treatment of convalescent plasma in COVID-19 patients.

This study will be the first conclusive trial that will show convalescent plasma versus placebo as a treatment.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has partnered with over *fifty* hospitals for this study and received a thirty- four million dollar grant.

Blood Assurance will be supplying Vanderbilt with plasma donations throughout the study.

This comes after President Trump and the FDA issued an emergency authorization use for convalescent plasma as a treatment for covid-19.

Director Liz Culler tells us “Prior to the emergency use authorization announcement, you pretty much had to be apart of a clinical trial to be able to receive convalescent plasma, but with this announcement it opens it up for other patients to be able to receive this plasma.”

Culler says their demand for plasma has outweighed their current supply.

Blood Assurance is urging people to donate plasma especially if you previously had coronavirus.

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