Blood Donation Drive to Honor Child Who Survived Rare Disease

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A young boy has had to fight through a lot of adversity throughout his young life. 

Despite long odds, he has lived to see his second birthday.

Brittany Hinman, the mother of Griffin Hinman, recalled that, “We were just having a colicky day is what I thought it was, it was scary for me because I didn’t want a colicky baby, but little did I know what we were about to head into.”

Griffin was just two weeks old when his parents discovered he had a fever. 

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The flyer for the blood drive at the River Rock Cove community pool in honor of Griffin Hinman, who survived a rare genetic disease. (Courtesy: Brittany Hinman)

After the child’s pediatrician discovered six nodules in Griffin’s lungs, they got the news no parent wa gnts to hear.

Hinman said, “They did a CT scan, and the doctor came back in and told us he had cancer, that was pretty heartbreaking.”

At least at first, they thought he had cancer.

There was a different surprise awaiting them at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as he was diagnosed with chronic granulomatous disease, a rare genetic disorder.

Hinman said, “People have an immune system, but this immune system doesn’t work, so they can’t fight bacterial or fungal infections.”

Most children with that disease only survive to the age of five.

Facing desperate times, they turned to the possibility of a bone marrow transplant.

An unlikely hero emerged from within the Hinman household from Griffin’s older brother, Hayes.

Hinman said, “My two-year-old donated bone marrow like an absolute champ. He literally paraded into the O-R room to donate bone marrow.”

Since receiving his transplant, Griffin’s condition has significantly improved with his body beginning to produce the blood he needs.

He also benefited from numerous transfusions from countless blood donors.

This has led Brittany to host a blood drive coming up on April 15th at the River Rock Cove Community Pool in Harrison at 5941 Zephyr Drive.

This also happens to be Griffin’s second birthday.

A blood donation truck will be there along with swabs for those who want to sign up for the Be the Match bone marrow registry.

After going through adversity, the Hinman’s want to help out others in their situation.

Hinman said, “You need a community around you, and then I just really want to thank all of the blood donors for saving my son’s life.”

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