Blue Ridge Police Chief in rehab facility after COVID battle and over 90 days in hospital

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. (WDEF) – Blue Ridge Police Chief Johnny Scearce will be in a rehab facility for two weeks before finally heading home.

He spent 94 days in the hospital.

Chief Scearce had stayed active and had no underlying health conditions, but his ordeal began with a frightening bout of COVID.

“There is no rhyme or reason why he got it as bad as he did. That’s what’s kind of got everybody stumped, but when he did come down with it, he ended up in a local hospital on ventilator for 6 1/2 days and the problem was the complications of COVID,” his wife Brenda Scearce said.

After his first hospital stay, Scearce went to rehab at home, but 10 days later, he was back in the hospital, for treatment of a collapsed lung.

“It’s been rough. It’s been scary. When he first went they didn’t have any hope for him,” Brenda said.

Scearce was on three forms of life support including an ECMO machine.

“That’s just kind of where we went from there and just waited until he healed and the ECMO is like a, it’s not therapy. They explained it to me it’s just kind of a bridge for the lungs to have time heal,” Brenda said.

After healing and a multitude of prayers Chief Scearce reached a  milestone on Thursday.

He left CHI Memorial Hospital after spending Halloween, the holidays, his two son’s birthdays and his 60th birthday in the hospital.

He even won a county commission seat while in a hospital bed.

Brenda believes what helped save his life was the ECMO machine and God.

“He’s got a purpose. He was on three forms of life support and a lot of people don’t come off of one form and it was just like, it gave him the time he needed for his body, his whole body to start healing,” she said.

Brenda isn’t sure how long it will take for her husband to fully recover, but said she would like for him to be back on the golf course by the summer.

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