Boating fatalities soared in Tennessee during the pandemic

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The TWRA reports a major spike in boating fatalities in Tennessee in 2020.

The state set a record low of 8 fatalities just the year before.

But the number jumped to 32 last year.

That is the most we’ve seen in 37 years.

Officials suspect it is just a sign of the volume of people on the water during the pandemic.

Tennesseans set several records for outdoor camping and other activities once the restrictions were lifted on parks.

And the TWRA saw higher traffic on our lakes and rivers also.

The TWRA report says about 30% of the fatalities can be linked to alcohol and drugs.

In addition to the 32 deaths in 2020, the TWRA also counted 82 serious injuries on the water.

dispatch center.

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