Boyd Buchanan Switching to the Wishbone Offense

Chattanooga-(WDEF) While the spread offense seems to be all the rage in high school football, Boyd Buchanan is going old school with their offense.
The Bucs are ditching the spread attack this season in order to run the wishbone option offense.
With Boyd Buchanan moving up in classification this fall, head coach Carter Caldwell says it was time for an offensive change.
Said Caldwell:”We felt like when we moved into this new division, division two, that we needed an edge. And I’ve always heard in coaching also that if you don’t recreate yourself or reinvent yourself every few years, you are behind.”
So Caldwell settled on the wishbone, and he called on the Navy, which averaged 310-yards rushing last year in the wishbone, the fourth best rushing total in the nation.
Said Caldwell:”So the entire offensive staff this spring went to Navy for a few days. They were great. They were super. They are a good reference. I actually talked to defensive coaches also. Talked to the Mocs staff in the winter. I said tell me about Citadel (wishbone), and all they did was shake their head. Like we can’t get them off the field. And one time I was coaching somewhere against the Citadel, and we ran nine plays in the first half.”
Said fullback Will Watkins:”It just makes things difficult to see what’s going on. Like you never know who has the ball.”
The Bucs players are excited to run the wishbone, especially the offensive linemen.
Said center Asa Owens:”I think there was a different kind of swagger that came with it. I definitely saw in some of my teammates when they come up to the line. They had this taller posture I guess.”
Caldwell believes the clock-eating wishbone will help a team like the Bucs who have two-way players.
Said Caldwell:”It fits our personnel really well. We actually have got some depth at places where last year in the spread stuff we did not. So it has actually helped us a little bit in depth. It has helped us from a practice standpoint because it’s not a large playbook. Again high school games are 12 minute quarters. We might be out of here at nine o’clock every night, but you know what, if we go some ‘W’s it’s going to be good.”

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