Boyd Buchanan Taking the Field With State’s All Time Winningest Coach

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Boyd Buchanan has endured two straight losing seasons. Nothing like bringing in the winningest high school coach in Tennessee history to turn things around. News 12’s Brian Armstrong has the Bucs in the 30-in-30 spotlight.

Said Bucs head coach Gary Rankin:”Different challenge or avoid. We’ve got a little bit of rebuilding to do, so it’s a different challenge but we’ve been having fun so far.”

Boyd Buchanan’s new head coach Gary Rankin is new to the school but not new to winning. He has led his teams to 17 state titles.

Said Rankin:”Well I’ve been in some good programs, I’ve been in some good schools with great support, great athletics, great athletes, and great coaching staffs. I’ve been fortunate to win some games in the past.”

The staff has over 165 years of experience including 90 years of head coaching expertise. Twenty-two state championships, college coaching, and NFL experience.

Said offensive lineman Jacob Shockley:”It’s been different and we’ve had different schedules. It’s a lot different than what we’re used to but with all the new coaches that are really good, we’re really well coached I feel like. It’s been very different but I feel like it’s helped us get a lot better and grow as a team more.”

Said Rankin:”We’ve got a lot of work to do. We got a coaching staff that I’ve hired and very pleased with you know we just have to change some things change the culture a little bit.”

Rankin and his staff are taking over a team who exited the playoffs in a first round defeat and he’s looking to see who will be his main player under center.

Said Rankin:”It’s even Steven right now we may end up playing them both in the beginning of season. One of them separates from the other so be it we’ll see what happens. Right now we’re playing two.”

Jacob Shockley says although he will only have one year under Rankin’s coaching he thinks it will be a meaningful solo season.

Said Shockley:”He knows what he’s done and what he can do and how he is. He shows that and he demands that we respect him and he respects us as well. I feel like he respects us very well. Well also getting onto us and letting us know when we need to do something better.

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