Bracketology: Tennessee a No. 2 seed entering Selection Sunday, in three-team battle for last No. 1 spots

A new bracket is up this morning, but it is not likely to be the final one. All of Sunday’s conference title games could cause some kind of change.

Most notably, I will probably replace Gonzaga on the top line of the bracket with Tennessee if the Volunteers win the SEC Tournament Championship vs. Auburn

There are three teams fighting for two spots on the top line. North Carolina is the third. Gonzaga lost to each of the other two, but is the only team to beat Duke at full strength. They also have the worst loss of the three, which came to Saint Mary’s in the WCC Tournament title game. Metrics like the Zags though, for what that’s worth.

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One of the big myths is that the NCAA selection committee ignores the Sunday games. That is not at all true. You may not always agree with the decisions they make regarding the outcomes of those games, but they are not ignored.

The committee will have likely have several bracket prepared based on the potential outcomes of Sunday’s six conference championship games. Those have either already been made or they are still working on it.

And, as usual, we are all hoping the Big Ten Conference Tournament title game doesn’t run way long. Check back near the end of that game for the FINAL Bracketology projection of the 2018-19 season.

Bracketology No. 1 seeds

Check out Jerry Palm’s full bracket with all 68 seeds and the first four four teams out on our Bracketology page.

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