Bradley Central’s Clay Shoemaker Not Your Average Looking Kicker

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) You never hear the word brute used to describe a high school kicker, unless you’re talking about Bradley Central’s Clay Shoemaker. He’s a big guy with a big leg, who has become a big weapon for the Bears.

When you’re nearly 6’5 and weigh 260-pounds like Clay Shoemaker, you’re rarely mistaken for a kicker.
So Shoemaker is always having to overcome that kicker stereo-type.
Said Shoemaker:”I know a lot of people look at me, and they’re like, that should not be the kicker.” (chuckles)
Said holder Dylan Standifer:”Preseason. We were at Alcoa. Their coach asked Coach Floyd, who is that kid? And coach was like, that’s our kicker. And that go was like no man, for real, who is it? But no seriously, that’s our kicker.”
Said head coach Damon Floyd:”You know obviously he’s a lot taller than any kicker we’ve ever had. Probably a lot bigger than any kicker, but he uses it to his advantage. He can put his weight into it, and he’s got a really strong leg.”
Said Shoemaker:”Sometimes they’ll look at me and go this guy won’t kick it far. He’s just a big kicker. Then I actually kick it, and they’re like oh my, he can kick it.” (chuckles)
Said Standifer:”It’s crazy honestly how far he can kick it. He’ll kick it 60 yards on a line.”
Reporter:”Do you take some ribbing here at school for being a kicker and your size and stuff?”
Said Shoemaker:”Oh yeah. Everybody calls me the Shoe. Big toe. Golden toe. Everybody loves it. I mean I love it too. it’s awesome.”
Shoemaker booted a 42-yard field goal during his sophomore year, but both he and his coaches love what he’s doing this year on kickoffs by putting the ball in the end zone.
Said Shoemaker:”Last year I couldn’t hardly. I was getting them to the two and one, but I wasn’t getting it in the end zone. This year has been my first year where I have been consistently putting it in the end zone more and more. There will be some games I won’t exactly get it, but it’s right there at it.”
Shoemaker’s size also pays off after he kicks off.
Said Floyd:”We don’t see anybody go after Clay on kickoff returns. If one does bust it loose, they’re not going to try to run him over that’s for sure. They’ll run the other way.”

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