Bradley County celebrates the success of Tennessee Drug Courts

Cleveland, TN (WDEF) –      Bradley County celebrated the success of Tennessee Drug Courts Tuesday evening.
     As part of "National Drug Court Month" Tennessee joined with courts from across the country to show a combination of accountability and compassion is key to rehabilitating drug-addicted people in the criminal justice system.
     Richard Hughes serves as a 10th Judicial Public Defender.   He said, "What we have learned over the years is, just incarcerating people is not the answer. One good thing about this program, not only provides treatment to people who need it… to help them be successful on probation and life… and it’s cheaper than to incarcerate them in the local jail or prison."
     Immediately after Tuesday night’s event a recent grad got arrested again.
     Officials say she used social media to make a drug buy, while Drug Court officials were monitoring it.
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