Bradley County officials conduct drill at Olin Plant

CHARLESTON, Tenn. (WDEF)- The shelter in place has been lifted for Bradley County, following a drill this morning at a local manufacturing plant.

Dozens of Emergency Management first responders geared up for a drill at the Olin plant in Charleston Friday morning.

“We realized when that happened that we could do things that we hadn’t been doing. We learned from those things that’s the purpose of doing these exercises,” says Johnson.

Area schools, Walker Valley high & Charleston Elementary, were involved in the drill from start to finish… which is a first for the department.

Johnson says, “Not necessarily because of Wacker but because we haven’t tested that piece. We’ve done tornados, we’ve done fires, we’ve done flood drills, we’ve done all these others drills. This is just one that we haven’t done.”

Johnson believes the plants are very well prepared for these incidents and they just want to ease the mind of the community.

“I understand because if I lived up here I would be nervous too but I would want to know they have a face that they can look at on the TV and say I trust what that guy is saying because in the past they have put out true and factual information,” says Johnson.

Johnson says, this information is available through their Nixle system. He says a “shelter in place means go inside, stay inside. If you have an air conditioning unit that accesses air from the outside. You need to turn that off and we will tell you when it’s safe to undo that.”

Johnson’s crews say they learned a lot from the exercises and they hope that the community did as well.

Johnson says, “even if its just the slightest deficiency in the emergency plan you can tweak that plan and make it better that way we are not only doing a better job getting the information out to the community, but we are protecting the community.”

You can sign up for Nixle here.

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