Bradley County residents share mixed reactions to accusations against sheriff

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The accusations against Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson brought mixed responses from Bradley County Residents on Friday.

The sheriff faces six felony charges and is accused of having held or used titles for six vehicles knowing that the titles had been altered, forged or falsified.

Bradley County resident Cassidi Davis said that she believes the charges against the sheriff are false.

“This is, this is like the second attack he’s had in like recent years.  One was for religion and now he’s getting six felony charges for what titles or whatever.  So I’m just sitting here like, I’m shaking my head, because I don’t think it’s true.  I don’t, so, I think he’s a good person.  So I really do,” Davis said.

Resident Timothy Hester said he just wants the truth.

“Everybody is a human you know.  Everybody … makes mistakes.  I just let him take it up with God,” Hester said.

Micah Bess, also a Bradley County resident, said he’s concerned that the sheriff from his county is facing the charges.

“I mean that’s the man, you know, he’s the man of the town,” Bess said.  “He should be tried just like everybody else, just like a human being.”

Sheriff Watson issued the following statement regarding the charges:


For more than a year, I have confronted numerous accusations from some who desire to have more control over county government and the operations of the Sheriff’s Office.  I have cooperated with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and responded to anyone who has requested information from me which related to the questions which have arisen.

To my knowledge, I have not been questioned about the accusations which are contained in an indictment which I have not seen.

There are two very important messages I want the employees of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and the people of Bradley County to know.

  1. The leadership team and every employee of the Sheriff’s Office will assist me as we continue to provide the best services possible to insure the safety and property of all citizens and visitors.
  2. I will continue to cooperate with the proper authorities and respond appropriately to the allegations which have been made. I will waive arraignment, speedy trial and advise the court that I plea Not Guilty to the accusations.
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