Bradley County Schools is helping the community Escape the Vape

CLEVELAND, Tenn (WDEF) – Bradley County Schools are doing their part to help put a stop to vaping.

Students and Public Officials came together to put on a program to show people it is possible to escape the vape.

“Hey we need to take control of this problem. It’s something that’s hurting us and our community. Its breaking us,” says Conner Goins, Walker Valley Student and performer.

This event aims to inform students and parents about the serious dangers and risks that come with vape products.

Students put on a short drama demonstrating real life scenarios of vaping from the community.

This growing epidemic was made to be an alternate to smoking but is now causing serious health issues of its own.

High School students tell News 12 they are worried about some of their friends futures.

” some of them are my good friends and i would love to see them in the future, but if they keep doing this i don’t know what’s going to happen to them. You don’t want to be caught up in that,”says Alli Gay and Carson Melton, both performers in Vaping program

Connor Goins is a student at Walker Valley and he says seeing his friends vape is hard to watch especially when he only wants the best for them.

Goins says he’s here to help anyone of his friends beat this addiction.

“I would take this very gradually , let them know that I still love you.Your still going to be my friend, its just something that i know is going to hurt you,”says Goins.

Principal of Bradley Central and the SRO are doing their part to help educate teacher on what vaping looks like in class.

“I think the teachers play a big role in that as well, because they will see it first hand and then that’s when we have to do our administrative duties and SRO duties,”says Marcus Cochran the SRO at Bradley Central and Patrick Spangler, the principal.


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