Bradley County Sheriffs Office first to implement additional safety measure for children

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Bradley County Sheriffs office now has portable child booster seats in some of their patrol cars.

It will make it easier to transport children in certain situations.

Mifold is the new grab-and-go-booster seat.

It’s changing the way our officers do their jobs.

The design is ten-times smaller and just as safe as a regular booster seat.

The idea is to be able to enhance safety of the smallest passengers, in emergency situations.

Every 33 seconds, a child in the United States is involved in a vehicle crash.

That’s according to Safe Journey Program Coordinator Becky Campbell.

She says one-third of those children, were not properly restrained in a seat belt.

“In 2014, more than 121,000 children were injured in car crashes. Many of those injuries left life altering problems for the child,” Campbell says.

That’s one of the reasons why Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson partnered with Mifold – A small, portable booster seat, now placed in ten patrol cars.

“A lot of times officers get called out onto the scene and maybe they need to transport a child and they don’t have a car seat or a booster seat for that child. He can keep it in his car, in the glove box, anywhere…in the console,” Campbell continues.

This officer tells us the difficulties they faced during a terrible accident.

Bradley County Sheriff Traffic Investigator Daniel Marlow explains, “Last year, we had a situation where a vehicle crashed. There was a five-year old passenger in the car. They were not from Cleveland. We were not able to contact any family members to pick up the child.”

He says the process was inefficient.

“At that time, we didn’t have anything available in the nighttime situation like this so the deputies were working; one of them had to go home and retrieve their own personal booster seat,” Marlow continues.

Campbell says 633 children died in a vehicle crash in 2015.

35% of those 12-years and under, were not buckled up.

Sheriff Watson says every child should have a car restraint, every time they’re in a car, for any reason.

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