Bradley County Sheriff’s Officers Investigate Early Morning Shooting

Bradley county authorities are not releasing much information, but there was a shooting incident this morning that resulted in serious injuries.

This rural and usually peaceful area of South Bradley county was shaken by gunfire early in the day.
Sheriff’s deputies rushed to the scene and locked down the entire area.

LT. JAMES BRADFORD, BRADLEY CO. SHERIFF’S DEPT.  “Around 8:16 a call was received through 911 communications center regarding a shooting that happened at a residence on Zion Hill road. We did respond and we did locate a male that had injuries in the shooting. That male was transferred to Erlanger via Life Force.”

That shooting occurred at this trailer home on Zion Hill road, but that’s all the information released about the incident through most of the day. A dozen officers worked the scene.

LT. BRADFORD  “Our detectives are currently on the scene investigating the circumstances that led to the shooting.”

Lt. Bradford says they were talking to parties who were at the residence at the time, but would not say how many there were.
Zion Road is an agricultural area of the county, and residents says this is an unusual incident.

CONNIE SCIDGER, NEIGHBOR  “Very quiet area. Very safe area. Yeah, and very shocking. And, like I said we’ve lived here for 25 or 30 years and this is really the first time that there’s actually been a shooting.”

Ms. Scidger found another way to get home while the investigation was underway.

CONNIE SCIDGER  “You know, its something like that don’t normally happen.”

Bradley county officers says they will release more information later in the incident and those involved.

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