Bradley Deputies Get Advanced Dash Cams

CLEVELAND, TN (WDEF-TV) – Bradley county deputies will soon be using the latest technology in their vehicles.
The county has purchased dash cameras that do more than just record the officers actions on-duty.

SHERIFF ERIC WATSON, BRADLEY COUNTY "…can you see that right there? See that right there…is everything in the front….this is everything that goes to the rear of the vehicle."

Twenty six vehicles operated by the Bradley county sheriff’s office will be using pro-vision H.D cameras–equipment so advanced that officers just a decade ago would not have imagined.
These are not just dash cams. They do a lot more than that. Just turning on the blue lights starts it up.

SHERIFF WATSON "Its automatically running right now…recording everything."

These infrared dash cams keep up with what’s happening in the back seat…where suspects would be seated…as well as what’s in front of the patrol car.

SHERIFF WATSON " You can activate it manually ..and also if you’ll go over 70 miles per hour…it’ll activate it."

When the patrol car comes in range of a wi-fi, everything that has been recorded is automatically download and saved at the sheriff’s office.

SHERIFF WATSON "These systems in all the 26 patrol cars did not cost us anything due to having two auctions in the last 7 months at the sheriff’s office. Where we were able to sell obsolete and unused equipment which paid for these 26 devices."

The new camera system, working along with body cameras which most departments are now buying, will document almost every move of a Bradley county officer working an event.

The two auctions raised 180-thousand dollars which Watson says is being converted right back into state of the art police equipment.

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